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I currently have two talks – My Accidental Big Year and Hawai’i: The Extinction Capital of the World. Both are about an hour long. They feature images of birds, my wife, our cats and are mildly educational and may make you laugh (hopefully for the right reasons). Descriptions are below. Please get in touch if you’re interested in hearing me talk.

My Accidental Big Year
In 2013 Boston birder Neil Hayward suffered a devastating bout of the Big Year. The temporary insanity resulted in almost 250,000 miles of travel, taking him to the remote corners of this continent: Barrow in the frozen north; the Dry Tortugas, dangling off the Florida Keys to the south; Newfoundland, poking out to the east; and tiny Adak, adrift in the volcanic Aleutian chain of the west. And a place they call New Jersey. By the year’s end, he’d netted some 750 species of bird and quite possibly set a new ABA Big Year record. In this talk, Neil will take a Big Year and apply cutting-ed
ge high pressure technology and condense it into a Big Hour. Come hear about exotic birds, remote places, volcanoes, polar bears, Aleutian plumbing and more! Government health warning: Big Years can be contagious. High pressure technology not previously tested.

Hawai’i–Extinction Capital of the World
Hawaii talk
Hawai’i has it all: sun, surf, drinks with umbrellas, and birds everywhere. It’s like someone left the door open on a huge world aviary and all the birds flew out: Mannikins, Francolins, Waxbills and Munias. But something is rotten in the state of Hawai’i; more than half of the endemic species have already disappeared and the rest are barely hanging on. The Honeycreepers of Hawai’i represent a remarkable example of evolutionary speciation like Darwin’s Finches in the Galapagos Islands. Come hear about these extraordinary birds, find out about some of the conservation efforts to save them, and learn how to pronounce the letter ‘.
Sun and surfboards not provided. Please bring your own umbrella drinks.