Hot off the press!

This week, I opened a box from my publisher, Bloomsbury. The box was full of copies of my new book. They’ve just finished their first print run. The book looks beautiful although I’m probably a little biased!

I buy books all the time – from bookstores, used bookstores, and online. I haven’t made the transition to the electronic world yet (and don’t suppose I ever will) so I’ll be stuck with books and the constant searching for shelf space that comes with their ownership. I’m always excited to get a new book, but that’s nothing compared to the excitement of seeing your own name on one. If you’re not a parent (which I’m not, yet) then this is probably as close as you get to bringing a new life form into the world. Hopefully this one won’t be an obnoxious brat, and people will like it.

My first readers!

My first readers!

It’s been an adventure to get to this point, and a considerably longer one than the Big Year about which was is written. It’s been as frustrating, difficult and rewarding as the Big Year, and I’m happy that the all the work is finally over and I get to share it soon.

The publication date is: Tuesday, June 7th and it’s available for pre-order now on Amazon, etc.

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